The Four Dreams Of Canadian Consumerism

Our Canadian dreams are basically the American Dream. It is believed that consumerism (The American Dream) began in cities throughout the United States with the arrival of the Model T Ford in 1910 but eventually spread to every corner of the world.   

The Dream of Abundance

This first dream is that everyone should have a choice of a variety of goods. Having such a dream will give you the illusion you are living in the richest society in the world, which being a Canadian seems to be true. Canada is one of the richest countries in the world. There's no doubt about it.

The Dream of a Democracy of Goods

The second dream is that everyone should have access to all the varieties of goods no matter who they are, what colour their skin, religious beliefs, male or female and not only the rich. We are made to believe luxury is just around the corner. 

The Dream of Freedom of Choice

The third dream is being able to choose from the variety of products available for yourself and for your own particular life style.

The Dream of Novelty

Lastly, new gadgets, fashions, models, everything are constantly changing. Newer things are always on the horizon. We are now more informed than we've ever been and are more able to challenge authority and society, culture and politics. 

Yep, us Canadians are living the American Dream, we are very much like them, we want, want, want, just like Americans, eh!

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