The Fear Of Ghosts - Phasmophobia

The most common fear besides the fear of dyeing is the fear of ghosts, called Phasmophobia. 95% of us are afraid of ghosts, whether we believe in them or not.

Some people believe ghosts are dangerous and will hurt you. It's related to being afraid of the dark, which could possibly mean when someone is afraid of the dark they're usually afraid of ghosts, which also could also possibly mean, that they are afraid of mirrors and their own reflections. In other words what they are actually really afraid of is; themselves, their own shadows, not ghosts.  

These unfortunate people are apt to have other fears as well, the fear of dying, the fear of small spaces, large spaces, people, you name it. 44.1 % of people supposedly believe in ghosts 9.7 % actually are afraid of them.

Ghosts are thought to be dead people trapped on earth for some ungodly thing they did while living and are out to get you, even though there has never been one documented case where a person was killed by a ghost. But, if a ghost is not out to get you, it is said, they are a bad omen, possibly of your death, or some disaster approaching, a warning of some kind! 

The fear is called 'Phasmophobia'. Phasmo means ghost in Greek, phobia means; an extreme fear of.

ref: Smithsonian

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