Sacra Virginitas - Holy Virginity!

They were all there; the patriarchs, primates, the archbishops and the bishops. They were all gathered around the Pope, awaiting to hear what he had to say.

Pope Pius XII was about to read them a papal letter he wrote that morning, an encyclical on a specific category that interested him, something he a called Sacra Virginitas. A letter concerning Catholic doctrine on holy virginity, totally against what was beginning to happen at the time. He must of had word from God, that the sexual revolution was on the horizon.  

It was big news back then. It was March 25/1954, sixty four years ago today. Basically, the Catholic Church was falling apart at the time. The flock was leaving the roost so to speak. 

He wrote the Sacra Virginitas, to counteract the contemporary depreciation of the life of perfect chastity believing the teachings on consecrated virginity, its excellence and defended it against the ever changing views of its younger followers.

Well, we all know what happened by the time the 60's came around. So much for trying, eh?

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