'Orcas' Are Called Killer Whales Because They Kill And...

Somewhere off Vancouver Island and the British Columbia coast swims a pod of endangered Orca whales. In fact they're in all the waters of the Earth except the Baltic and Black Seas and some parts of the Arctic Ocean. 

There's no need to be afraid of them, even though they are ten times bigger than us. It seems the only time a killer whale has been aggressive to a human is when they are in captivity, attacking their handlers, as they force them to do tricks at marine parks around the world. Can you blame them?

Since they are from the oceanic dolphin family, some eat nothing but fish, while others eat mammals such as seals and other dolphins, even baby whales, but if hungry enough will eat the adults as well. It's no wonder we think they'll eat us. Underwater we look just like a seal to an Orca.

In Indigenous mythology Orcas are believed to be the souls of their ancestors capable of merciless killing. You would believe that, if you witnessed them on a hunt. 

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