Maundy Thursday Comes With A Little Cash And A Free Foot Bath

Christians around the world commemorate Maundy Thursday during Holy Week. It always lands on the Thursday before Good Friday, celebrating Jesus Christ's institution of the Eucharist during the last supper.

During this celebration, some old Anglican Churches carry on a tradition of passing out money called, 'Maundy Money', but only to the old and poor. They'll also wash your feet.

Since I fit that criteria, being old and such, and needing money and not that my feet aren't killing me today, a good rub would do wonders. I even heard, a priest will come down off his pulpit and wash about 12 people's feet all at once, not because he wants to, just to symbolize Jesus washing the feet of the 12 disciples.

In Germany expect to be served salad greens, Maundy Thursday is known as Green Day. Not bad.In Norway you get a paid day off. A national holiday for workers and students. Even better.

I don't want to scare you but it means something different in old Swedish folklore, Maundy Thursday has links to witchcraft! Eh?

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