Karl-Maria Kertbeny - Best Known For Coining The Word 'Homosexual' For A Nameless Love

As a young lad, Karl-Maria Kertbeny had a close friend, who had a secret that was revealed. The boy was gay and fearing blackmail committed suicide.

This event stirred Karl's interest in homosexuality and other injustices happening at the time, this was the mid 1800's. Homosexuality had no name, it was something no one talked about.

Later in his life Karl claimed to be 'normally sexed' but investigations into his life through reading his diaries, have revealed him to be a homosexual. He had many love affairs with younger men, quoted as writing that he had that affair with a "young barber lad," that he fell in love with him, and that he had done it, finally.  Meaning, he had come out and physically had sex with another man.

The German Nazis were gathering all the homosexuals at the time, so he feared for his life.

He viewed homosexuality as inborn, unchangeable, not like most people at the time, thinking it wicked evil and the work of the devil. 

He wrote about the topic extensively but never saw the world-wide acceptance of his terminology and ideas. He died in 1882 at the age of 58 in Budapest.  His grave is attended to, by the LBGT community and is honoured every year with a wreath. 

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