Jim Carrey For President - It's Not That Lofty Of An Idea


I could see it happening now, my favourite comedian, he holds duel citizenship Canadian/American, Jim Carrey walking into the Oval Office to face Donald Trump sitting at his desk.

"Don," he says, to a surprised Donald Trump, "you're fired! Eh?"

Jim Carrey and I have something in common. He's younger but we think alike. We come from the same area, southern Ontario. We at one time had the same dreams. He would look over Hamilton Bay from Burlington, to the huge factories in Hamilton; Dofassco, Stelco, Proctor and Gamble, thinking that was where the money was and that was where the great jobs were and where he had to be to be a success. I did the same. 

We didn't know better, back then.

He is a believer in "The Law of Attraction," and "Visualization." Me too, I've read all those self-help books. It worked for him. Not so much with me.

He detests organized religion, me too!  He is a pro-democrat, anti-NRA and pro-gun control, an artist, and a good one at that and certainly he has his views, he's a twitter'er like Donald. He loves to Twitter. 

People say he's an insider, part of the 'Illuminati.'  Is there a more better quality than that to be a politician? Aren't all politicians part of the Illuminati? 

Jim Carrey for president, it's not that lofty of an idea.

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