How Many Restricted And Prohibited Fire-arms Are There In Canada?

Besides having the toughest laws concerning fire-arms in the world, the Trudeau Government has done very little with gun control, since it has come into power. Today there are over a million illegal guns in Canada and that number is rising by about 5% yearly. You might ask what constitutes an illegal gun?

There are about a million restricted fire-arms in Canada including hand-guns and almost 200,000 prohibited fire-arms, including fully automatic guns.

Today, Canada no longer registers or reports non-restricted fire-arms such as shotguns and rifles instead; they thought through grand-fathering, the number of prohibited fire-arms would decrease but in actuality it increased. The number of people registering for a licence and possessing fire-arms is on the increase, now about 2.1 million.

If there are a million illegal guns out there, that must mean it wouldn't be to hard to obtain one. The way things are going, with all the shootings going on, maybe we all should own one. We might need it for protection from the other gun owners, eh?

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