Elizabeth Taylor Was Late For Her Own Funeral - She Made Sure She Was - Why Change?

Elizabeth Taylor carried on her tradition of being late even after her death. Her final tribute. Not changing for anything, making sure she was late for her own funeral as she was in life, late for this, late for that, always late. It was probably what everyone remembers her best for, her lateness, besides her beauty.

The streets were blocked off and traffic was halted momentarily for cars entering and leaving Forest Lawn Cemetery in California, a cemetery known for its famous occupants that are buried there including Michael Jackson, Elizabeth's good friend.

Five long stretch limos pulled up and about 50 people hopped out, mourning friends and family.  No hearse. There was no procession. There was no Liz. 

They all stood around looking at their watches, tapping their toes, dressed in black waiting for the hearse. It never came until service could not be stalled any longer, so it began and lasted over an hour. Fifteen minutes into the service the hearse pulled up with Liz in the back, ready for her burial. The driver hopped out and yelled.

"She's late for her own funeral!"

She had it all planned that way. Her publicist was told to make the arrangements. As a joke? Probably.  

Elizabeth Taylor was late for her own funeral. She made sure she was.  Why change? 

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