Donald Trump - The Major-Domo of the White House

Donald Trump. The president of the United States. The most powerful man in the world.  

Is he the leader we've been made to believe or is he just the Major-Domo of the White House? Wikipedia explains that a Major-Domo is a person who speaks and acts, makes plans and arrangements, and eventually takes over the general control of the household and that is what Donald Trump has done with the White House. 

He's constantly cleaning house, firing him or her, being the chief steward. Probably, walking around the White House right now, acting like a curator, wearing white gloves, sliding his hand along mantles and picture frames looking for tell tale signs of dust?  Just looking for someone to fire.

Does he get up late at night to vacuum the halls, or check the list of stock on the shelves in the kitchen, or finish up the dishes while everyone else sleeps as most maitre-des do? 

Does he make plans for tomorrow's agenda, does he take notes? Yes, yes, yes!

Donald Trump speaks and tweets like most Major-Domos do. He makes arrangements like Major-domos do. He's in charge with lots of plans as most Major-Domos are.   

Is he just another White House butler or the world's guardian? Is he just another officer administrating and managing, purveying the future of the earth, all the while acting as an agent for all the American people, or is he just the Major-Domo of the mansion called; the White House.

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