Do Clean Cars Run Better Than Dirty Ones?

I spent the day yesterday washing the car. It took me all day being really dirty. The outside had mud baked on from a winter season of fairly mild weather. The inside looked like the local garbage dump, trash everywhere. The day was sunny. A perfect day to wash the car.

Last week her oil got changed, it was like giving her a TUMS. There were no more gurgling sounds, no errrr's or arrrr's, as if her stomach became settled. 

After cleaning it I had to go to town. Getting in and pulling out onto the highway, I've never heard her purr like she was doing, right then. When I pressed the gas pedal down, off she went like a bat out of hell. She has pep now, she looks younger.  She's like her old self again, like the day we first met when I entered the showroom. 

She seems happy today, the sun is coming up and she's sitting out in the driveway waiting patiently for me. I can't help but look at her out the window.  She's beautiful, all shiny and new looking.

Surprising what a little soap and water will do.

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