Before White Man Set Foot On Canadian Soil, We Were Inventing Things

Besides the light bulb, which surprisingly no one wanted when it first was introduced, people were too afraid of them, one of the greatest inventions that put Canada on the map was the discovery of Insulin, discovered by Dr. Banting back in 1920.

Before the white man came to Canada we were already inventing things, the igloo and the birch bark canoe comes to mind. We invented five-pin bowling, basketball and lacrosse even the goalie mask and instant replay, with Plexiglas to watch the games through and the Marine Screw propeller for our boats and the Weevac 6, to carry our babies, six at a time, they're all Canadian.

Canadian women received the Wonderbra, to lift and separate and Velcro. Men the Zipper, the Robinson screw driver and the Ardox Spiral nail. 

We've set Standard Time. Made Pablum for our babies, artificial pace-makers for the elder. The electric microscope, the electric wheelchair, the electric oven and the electric synthesizer. The Cobalt-60 "Bomb" for cancer treatment. The G-Suit, the paint roller, the green garbage bag, the caulking gun, the automatic lubricating cup and crash position indicator, even separable baggage check at the airport, they're all Canadian. Key Frame Animation, the Snowmoble, the Steam Fog Horn. You guessed, Canadian. Couldn't get more Canadian than the Canadarm.

But the best things I've saved for last, the BlackBerry to keep us all in touch and two extra large pizzas; the Hawaiian Pizza, and the Mushroom and Pineapple Pizza all made first here in Canada.

It seems Canada is a hot-bed for inventions, it's put us on the map. 

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