A 'Simile' Between a Car Dealership and Pemberton Holmes Sooke

Pemberton Holmes (Sooke) Realtor Nancy Vieira, Has Successfully Sold Forestry Land To Unsuspecting Buyer

The story continues...

A metaphor compares two dissimilar things suggesting that one thing is another, not using the words 'like' or 'as'. A simile uses them. 

So, say you went to a car dealership to buy a new car like you would go to a real estate agency like Pemberton Holmes Sooke, when buying property. 

A shady car salesman meets you as you enter the lot, as Nancy Vieira did when she answered her text message about a property she had listed on MLS. 

You tell the car salesman what type of car you are looking for and what year you want. You're interested in a SUV Dodge, a blue one, and you tell him how much money you want to spend, etc. etc. 

The salesman tells you he has the perfect car for you. It's at the rear of the lot but just then his phone rings and the salesman is called away. He tells you the car is out back you can't miss it. 

"Go look, for yourself," he said... 

...as Nancy Vieira did selling MLS#350431. It's the only car out there as Nancy said, telling prospective buyer that the property goes on and on...

"Just follow the red tags," she said.

So, you wander around the back of the lot and spot the Dodge SUV recommended.  The same as the buyer did when wanting to be shown the property MLS#350431. He had no help from Nancy Vieira.

A sign for sale is leaning up against the fence in front of the SUV but there is another car parked beside it, an older, dilapidated grey Dodge Caravan. The blue Dodge SUV is perfect, the correct year with a sticker price you would agree to. Just like the sign at the entrance gate to the property Nancy was trying to sell.

You run to the bank to get the money then go back to the dealership and buy the Dodge SUV. The dealership had drawn up the contract, as Nancy had and all you have to do is change ownership by signing on the dotted line. 

After taking your money as Pemberton Holmes Sooke did, the phone rings and the salesman is taken away, so you get in the car and drive home, as the proud owner of a new blue Dodge SUV. 

The next day a tow-truck is backing up into your drive-way picking up the Dodge SUV that you had just purchased. The police are there too. They are taking the car back that you had just bought because they said you stole it, the car you bought was the Dodge Caravan. The police shows you the contract that you signed. As to compare, Western Products presenting an eviction notice to the purchaser of MLS#350431.

When you contact the dealership tells you to go to hell, to sue them at your expense then hang up on you.

Is there something wrong with this picture?

This is a perfect example of a simile, comparing Pemberton Holmes to a car dealership using the words like and as. The only difference is; you expect something like this to happen at a car lot not at Pemberton Holmes Real Estate Sooke as what happened to the buyer of MLS#350431.

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