A Living Will - Do You Need One?

It's inevitable that you are going to die. A living will, though not a legal document here in British Columbia gives you some assurance and say on how you will be treated in your final days, either by putting an end to your suffering or what efforts you want administered to prolong it.  Most people choose unwillingly to take the second reason and die in a hospital after receiving treatment to keep them alive. It's a doctor's duty to keep you alive as long as possible, no matter how much it costs or what state of emotion your friends and relatives are in, or what you personally want done in the event of your upcoming death.

By having the 'Power of Attorney,' a compliment to a 'Living Will' you nominate someone who will speak up for you when you are unable. They know your wishes and will carry them out for you.

Why people want a 'Living Will' is; to express their desire to be 'Put Down' otherwise known as 'Voluntary Passive Euthanasia' in the event that you cannot make anymore decisions for your own care, an example would be in a coma, on life support.  Would you want to linger?

For all this to be legal and adhered to, for which it cannot be over-ridden by ill-informed relatives, it has to be signed in the presence of two witnesses, then it's binding at least to the medical profession and your wishes will be carried out.

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