Today is National Drink Wine Day - Feb 18


Spread the Love and Health Benefits of Wine

Drink Wine Today

Little did I know, today is National Drink Wine Day. You're supposed to drink wine, sit back and imagine how it enhances food and your general well being, that is if you drink just a few glasses, the opposite occurs if you over-indulge.

Surprisingly there are a lot of health benefits, it fights heart disease. At my age that sounds good. It fights diabetes II. I love sugar. Even some cancers, stokes, high cholesterol and has other health benefits. Who knew?
Here's a tip: One of the healthiest wines is Pinot Noir; it contains a high amount of resveratrol. In general, red wines are healthier than white wines. Drink wine on its own, with a meal or spike your cooking, it's all good!

People have been drinking wine for thousands of years, since 6000 BC. I've also heard people have been partying and celebrating National Drink Day every February 18 since. That's a long time. It's like a National Holiday, for crying-out-loud, time to celebrate.

Me, I'm kind-of-a chocolate milk with a joint maybe some cookies, kind-of-guy. I've never liked wine nor any other alcoholic beverage but hey! I love to party.

Happy National Drink Wine Day. Don't drink and drive.

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