The Wizard of Ladysmith - Arthur James Williams - At One Time Vancouver Island's MDA Drug Kingpin

Vancouver Island's - The Wizard of Ladysmith - Arthur James Williams and his mysterious disappearance. 

Days before he was to stand trial for mass producing the drug known as MDA, tons and tons of it, he mysteriously disappears, they find pieces of his airplane but no body. 

On Nov 30, 1977 he takes off in his little Cessna from Ladysmith, nobody really knows where he's going but they believe he was heading for Vancouver. It never lands.

Authorities claim its at the bottom of Georgia Strait then his wife Margaret Catherine Williams, disappears 15 months later.

Both cases have never been solved and are still open cases but not open to the public, making it a little more mysterious than it really is.  

I'd say, they're both down in Tahiti somewhere, living the life of the rich and famous.

Read the full story by Tyler Hooper:  The Wizard of Ladysmith: The Bizarre Case (and Mysterious Disappearance) of BC’s Infamous MDA Kingpin

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