Nancy Vieira Realtor ' Pemberton Holmes ' (Sooke) - Fleeces Senior of His Money and Dreams

Nancy Vieira, a Vancouver Island realtor for Pemberton Holmes Sooke, has fleeced a senior of his meager life-savings making it impossible now, for him to retire.  The previous owner is also involved; their relationship, their stories will be revealed later. Here's the story... 

A man, soon to be retiring back in 2014 see's an ad on MLS 350431 for an acre of recreational property on Vancouver Island then becomes interested and calls Nancy Vieira the listing agent for Pemberton Holmes Real Estate (Sooke) to arrange a viewing.

She states she's too busy to show him the property but invites him come over to the Island and check it out for himself.

The line has been cast...  

He does just that and loves the property, seeing a shed with all the connections, a rainwater collection system, a well, a place to park an RV, a place to build in the future.

He asks again, for her to walk the property with him.  She says she's too busy but invites him over to the Island for the weekend. 

 "Stay, come camp, enjoy, walk it yourself," she said. "Just follow the red ribbons on the trees.  The property goes on and on."

He does.  He finds the red ribbons, walks the property, falls in love with it and buys it with one condition.  The property was to be surveyed first, before closing.

He gives up his savings and signs after the Notary gives his okay, thinking the Notary would have his back, which you think would but didn't and the deal was pushed through.

This saga: to be continued tomorrow...

Examples of Topics to come:  

-The Law of Vendor and Purchaser (The Law and Practice Relating to Contracts for Sale of Land in the Common Law Provinces of Canada) 

-Western Forest Products Inc. Response: Their Confirmation of Ownership

-Property Disclosure Statements Premises - Land and Building

-Misrepresentation of Property for Gain and Profit

-and lots more...

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