It's The Years Of Collective Agreement That Determines How You Will Live Your Life

All your life you've been made to believe certain things. 

Things that have been passed down from generation to generation. A collective agreement; 'the-to-do-list' years and years of trials and errors that have paved the road for you, on how you should live your life.

You've been taught that you have to graduate high school. At least, that's what was told to me when I went to school. Now-a-days high school is not enough. The collective now says you need a higher education, college, a university degree or you can't make anything out of your life. 

We are all told we have to start learning at age five and that you have to be in grade one at age six, in grade five at ten and so on. Then after graduating you need to find a job, to make money, it's your duty. You have to start at the bottom of the totem-pole and keep striving for the top, to make more money. 

You need to find a wife or a husband and have children. The poorer you are the more children you need, it has been ingrained in your psyche. You need a car, you need a house, you need this and you need that. You need to spend your money on what the collective has taught you to believe you need to spend your money on.

At an early age, you need to be here, at an older age you need to be there. You have to act this way when you are young and this way when you are old. The collective shuns you from getting old, even dying, especially in public as if you have control over the matter. 

Worse yet, the collective says, you need to obey and not upset the apple-cart while you are here. For those not living by the code of the collective, they will be punished and suffer poverty, ridicule and shame for all their lives.

It's weird what we are made to believe. Of course it is not true, I know lots and lots of people with no education, no job, no wife or children, no home, no ties but with lots of money.  

I guess the no-frills collective didn't consider 'luck' having anything in general to do with the natural grand scheme of things.

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