'It's Never Too Late' Don't Be A Would-a, Should'a, Could-a But Didn't - Get Some Life Into You

Come on, get some life into you. Hurry, start, get it done, finish, you've done it!

Don't be one of those persons that should have, could have but didn'tStart living today while you have some time left because you're already dying.

Unfortunately, we all have a limited time here on earth. There's no getting around it. Everyone's length of time in the here and now is as individual as a grain of sand on a beach, approximately a hundred years, give or take a few years, if you're careful. Just a blink of an eye in the grand scheme of the things. Nobody will give a shit's ass about you in another hundred years after your gone.

We all hear people complain about this or that; their health, that they have no money, the kids, no jobs, all kinds of excuses, all of which have prevented them from doing something.

I've even heard of people bitching about not having enough time in-the-day, to do the things in life that they've always wanted to do. 

How busy can a person get? We all have twenty-four hours in a day.

How often have you heard the term; would'a, should'a, could'a?  It always comes after the fact when it's too late but then, we've all heard the term, that, 'It's Never Too Late.' Our saving grace. Well!

So, start living today while you have some time left because you're already dying. You started dying as soon as you were born.

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