If an 'H' Bomb Is Sent From North Korea What Type of Damage Could It Do?


North Korea's Hydrogen Bomb What To Expect:

We are surprised at how fast North Korea's technology has improved over the last few years. A Hydrogen Bomb or simply called an H Bomb, is much more powerful than an average Nuclear Bomb. Today they boost, that they are a new super power with much ambition, threatening peace around the world. 

How much damage could a Hydrogen Bomb do if sent our way reminding ourselves that their bombs have improved five to six times there original strength since their last testing was done.

If a Hydrogen Bomb were to land on any major city in North America, thousands upon thousands would die, being vaporized instantly, where they stand. They wouldn't know what hit them, that is if they weren't warned first of their on coming doom, but since the fiasco in Hawaii chances are, we WILL be warned. It's debateable whether that's a good thing or not. All infrastructure would be destroyed.

People within miles of the blast will suffer, some might be lucky and will soon die, others not so lucky and will suffer a life time of pain and slow deaths.

At First the Fireball: Within a 1/2 mile radius of detonation a fireball would incinerate buildings, objects, and people. Nothing would be left.

Then the Radiation: Within 1 1/4 mile radius, gamma and other rays would kill 50% of the people within 2hrs. to 2wks.

Then A Blast of Air: Within 5 miles ,the blast of air would be strong enough to topple buildings and rupture ear drums.

Finally, Thermal Radiation: over 6 miles, ultraviolet light, strong enough to burn skin and destroy pain nerves. You might not feel it at first, but you soon will. You won't want to live.

Let's hope nobody, has his finger resting on the button.

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