How Could I Have Forgotten? - It's National Margarita Day

I was putting the bottles of wine, the few Pinot Noir's that didn't get drunk, on National Drink Wine Day Feb 18th, back down into the wine cellar when I realized today was another national alcoholic holiday. It is National Margarita Day! How could I have forgotten?

It's celebrated every year, since I don't remember, on Feb. 22. Of course, it's an American celebration but we Canadians love Margarita's as much and as clockwork, when that date hits, the tequila is brought out along with the sombreros and the poncho blankets, the guitars and the cha-cha's, all hiding from last years Feb 22, Margarita Day, behind the few half drunk, 40 pounder bottles of rye's and vodka's that I'd forgotten were still there collecting dust.

You might wonder what the hell's inside one of those greenish looking drinks, with all that salt and that little wedge of lime caught dangling precariously from the brim, threatening to fall into the drink, which it usually does anyway. Prepare to get your fingers wet.

There are so many ways to serve a Margarita. For the connoisseur of margaritas, it can be served; on ice, on ice shavings, blended with ice, or straight up if you prefer.

To make the best tasting Margarita you've ever had use one ounce of premium tequila. I've tried the ones with the worm but just can't get past it. Here's the secret.

1 oz. tequila
A dash of Triple Sec
Fresh squeezed lime juice. Lemon if you have no lime.
Sea salt, use table salt if you don't have any.

Rub the brim of the margarita glass with the lime.  Spin the glass upside down in a saucer of salt. Fill glass with ice then pour your concoction over it, or straight up, whatever. Stir and serve. 

To me, Margarita's are going to Mexico on a vacation kind-of drink. It's pretty-near zero outside here on Vancouver Island. It must be time for a vacation or should I hope for National Hot-Toddy Day to be coming soon. I wouldn't doubt that's in February too.

Have you ever gotten drunk on tequila? Fun at first, overindulge and you're guaranteed a head-ache that will last for days. Drink responsibly. Don't drink and drive.

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