' Atomic Annie ' The M65 Atomic Cannon

Imagine; you'd aim, then fire, wiping the enemy off the face of the earth with one shot, ending the conflict. 

Developed during the cold war, this mother of all weapons, 'Atomic Annie' the M65 Atomic Cannon needed two tractor trucks, each capable of it's own steering to move her.

It was the next generation of Germany's K5 Railway Gun, the 'Anzio Annie' hence her new name Atomic Annie. She was redesigned by the United States and especially built to fire a portable nuclear device and able to be assembled and reassembled in 15 min.

Anzio Annie  German K5 Railway Gun

There were about 20 Atomic Annie's built but only one was successfully tested and shot, the only nuclear warhead ever shot from a cannon into the Nevada desert seven miles away using the infamous, Davy Crocket Weapon System. They were all strategically set up pointing directly at Asia and Europe interchangeably, as the situation dictated.  

Luckily, becoming obsolete quickly, Atomic Annie faded into obscurity soon after she was developed. She can be seen in the occasional museum here and there around the world but...

I wouldn't doubt, the last ones remaining, even if they aren't working anymore, are all still pointing at N. Korea and the Middle East, just in case they're looking. You know, for show of course. Still, being useful and that is to intimidate.

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