After Photographing a UFO Flying Over Esquimalt Naval Base, Navy Officials Interrogate Them

Here's a disturbing story I heard about two people who witnessed seeing a UFO on Vancouver Island.

It was September, 1968. Hermanus Voorluys and Reginald Neal, both from Victoria, B.C. outside in their back yard noticed an occasional light in the sky over the naval base at Esquimalt.

The light would change color, varying between blue, orange and red, and move spasmodically. Eventually, Hermanus, using a telephoto lens on his camera obtained a good, somewhat clear picture of the lights and were surprised after developing the film to see that the light was a formation of five objects in total. Very similar to the mysterious glowing orbs known as the Marfa Lights, seen in West Texas.

Photo taken by on Sept/68 by Hermanus Voorluys

The Marfa Lights

Like all UFO reports at the time, when they reported the matter to navy officials, they went through a succession of interviews, almost being accused of making a fake picture, without a clear conclusion ever being reached.

The fact of seeing and documenting a UFO wasn't as disturbing as their treatment by the navy officials.  As if they were trying to hide something. 

To this day, the picture has not been explained.

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