Goosestepping - The Ultimate Method To Dehumanize And Punish

The Goosestep. Try doing this ceremonial march for an hour, with your arms locked together and your head turned right so you can't make eye-contact with the person beside you. Kicking your legs up to be horizontal or higher without bending the knee. There's no doing the high-step here, where you can bend the knee, which is still very exhausting, you still have to kick your legs up high. 

Goosestepping, the ultimate method to dehumanize and punish, it takes a lot of practise and co-ordination.

Named so; because it reminded people of how geese stand, on one leg.

Marching like this kept the troops in order. Hitler used it to show the world how precise and controlled the Germany Army was and because it looked intimidating and ominous, a symbol of blind obedience and senseless attachment to form.

The world's armies still use the Goosestep but only in ceremonial parades, and on special occasions.

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