Dad Teaches His Children - How To Have Fun At Someone Else's Expense

You can really notice the increase in the amount of campers coming from the big cities on these long weekends. 

As you may already know, I sell campfire-wood to the campers coming to the various provincial campsites along the west coast of Vancouver Island. I don't make very much money from it, a few bucks now and then, and it's back breaking work but it helps pay the bills. 

I may stop but I want to help the campers out because it gets very cool at night around here. Besides, what's camping if you don't have a campfire to sit around?

What surprises me the most is the increase in theft from my cart. At other times there are no thefts. But on long weekends and the more strangers from the big city, driving the highway, the more and more thefts. 

I couldn't imagine; taking the family, camping in nature, wanting to have a good time but risking having an unpleasant experience getting caught stealing wood from a senior who worked hard trying to make their camping experience a little more pleasant.

I have rigged up a surveillance camera to the cart, up in a tree. I can see the persons taking them, their car. I know where they're going. So I hop into my car and drive up to the nearest campground and after driving the site, I find the car and the culprits, starting their campfire.

A family; a young mom texting on her phone sitting at the picnic table, her baby still strapped in a car seat with dad straddling my box of campfire wood, flicking his bic, trying to get a fire going. Three or four kids, two still sitting in the car watching a DVD. Toys and bikes all over the campsite.

City slickers! With their million dollar SUV, their condo looking tent, a Coleman stove, lights, loud music and all the conveniences of home. The Dad beer in hand, proud as hell getting the fire going.

I had to turn away, without saying a word. The poor kids. The lesson they learned today if they learned one at all, How to have fun at the expense of others.

I could have caused a scene but decided not too. What for? I really hate confrontations.

Instead, I hopped back into my car and drove home and fumed all night, thinking about that family, couldn't sleep. What else could I do? I'm not one to spoil a party.  What would you have done?

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