Vancouver Streets Under Attack By Killer Crows

Residents of the West End in Vancouver, British Columbia are under siege by crows. A Murder of them. They are attacking people as they walk down streets. Their intention? Is it an omen of things to come? When we think of crows we think of graveyards and battlefields and places where these scavengers might find a bite to eat.

A 'Murder of Crows'. Who thought of calling a crowd of crows a murder? Have you ever heard of a 'Crash of Rhinos' or a 'Mischief of Mice'?

It all boils down to an old hunting term to catalogue different animals, from an old archaic word 'venery' which we rarely if ever use anymore. At one time it was thought crows and ravens gathered together to decide the fate of their fellow crows, actually planning their murder.

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