The Safety Coffin - Just In Case You Are Buried Alive

The older you get the more you think about dying. It's normal. I've dreamt about dying, then finding out I was just asleep.

Being buried thinking you were dead and waking up, locked in a coffin. In the dark.  Six feet of dirt on top of you. No light, little air. No room to move.

Being buried alive has happened more than you might think. We've all heard the story, about the cholera epidemics back in the 18th and 19th centuries, when they dug up graves and opened coffins, finding bloody finger nails on the inside of the casket lids. Where the person buried, woke and tried in vain to scratch itself out.

They invented an array of devices, to communicate to the outside world in case you woke. A string with a bell.

The first one was invented for The Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick, before his death in 1792. He had a window installed, an air tube to supply fresh air. Instead on his coffin being nailed he had it lock fitted. He kept one key for himself so he could open the tomb from the inside. This actually was a tomb not a coffin. There have been many variations since and adapted for caskets.
Fabrizio Caselli, patented coffin 1995

In 1995 a modern safety coffin was patented by Fabrizio Caselli. It included an alarm, an intercom system, a flash light, breathing apparatus, heart monitor and stimulator.

I'd like to warn anyone thinking of getting one installed in their coffin.

No one in history...
has ever been saved by 
a safety coffin.

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