On Your Death Bed - Will You Have Any Regrets?

There was this Australian nurse. She worked in palliative care and recorded the most common regrets of the dying in the last twelve months of their lives.

People no longer thought about their sexual conquests, or money. You'd be surprised at what really mattered to someone who is dying.

This is her list: Dying Regrets

  1. The number one regret and most common of all was, they wished they had the courage to live a life true to himself. Not the life others expected of him. They should have acted on there dreams, and how many dreams they left unfulfilled. They wouldn't have abused their bodies in the way they had. Smoking, promiscuous sex, drinking etc.
  2. The number one regret from male patients was, I wish I hadn't worked so hard. They wished they had slowed down enough to smell the roses.
  3. They had the courage to express their feelings. This holds true more for men. Man are expected to hold all their emotions inside. Many people blame this reason for becoming ill on being bitter and resentful.
  4. They wish they stayed in touch with friends and not giving them the time and effort that they deserved. She pointed out that most people missed their friends when they are dying.
  5. I wish that I had let myself be happier. She listed this as a common regret. That they stayed stuck in old patterns and habits. Many didn't realize until the end that happiness was a choice.

So, before it's too late. Correct these five things and you should have few regrets.

  • Be true to yourself. No one else.
  • Don't work so hard, take time for play.
  • Express yourself. Real men do eat quiche.
  • Cherish your friends.
  • Be happy. As the song suggests.

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