From Dust We Come From Dust We Go

There's no need to ask any questions like; Why we die? Where are we going to be? And How and When will it happen? 


We all know Why we die. From dust we come, to dust we go, as the saying goes. It's inevitable so you don't have to worry about it. It is a natural occurring event for every living thing. We all know we can't live forever, even though while we were young we probably had the delusion we will. I know I did. There is only one answer. We all die eventually, it's programmed into our genetics. 


Where do you think you are going to be when you die?  

It's possible you might be outside tending the garden, in bed sound asleep or walking through the mall downtown?  The where - you will die answers - are endless.  I could go on and on. ...  In the air, flying to New York, on the ground hiking a trail, or in the water swimming the English Channel.

Does it really matter Where? Where-ever Where is, it won't matter. You'll be long gone before you realize you've even left the Earth, let alone some aisle at K-mart, jay-walking at a crosswalk, or where-ever.


The How questions are on the same line as the Where questions like; How do you think you are going to die? Might you be murdered in some dark alley by a drug induced maniac, eaten by a ferocious lion while out on a Safari, drowned drinking a glass of water, hit by a bus, flattened by a locomotive, fall off a ladder? Again endless.

Some people die alone with their bodies discovered days, even weeks after they've passed. Heck, some die alone and their bodies are never found. Some people die surrounded by loving members of their family and friends. Other's die thinking the people surrounding them are their family and friends. Others die not even recognizing friends and friends. The list of How questions are as endless as to the Where's.


There is also the When factor. When will I die? Will When be today, tomorrow, next year? When I'm 18 or When I'm 101. When?

There's no need to ask the Why, the Where, the How and the When questions, we know the answers to them already. Every person has their own Why's, their own Where's and How's and soon someday will know their own When's.

Let's hope it's far into the future. After you die, all those answers will come to light. Why you died? Where and How you died? And, When you died. It'll all be recorded. 

As you lay there dead do you think it will matter to you, why, where, how and when you died. I'm guessing it won't.

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