Drugs - Alcohol - Guns - Fast Cars. They'll All Kill You

Take whatever. 

Anything that makes you feel alive. 

Take drugs and alcohol! So pleasurable, they seem to make you feel more alive. But, take one too many a pill or one too many a drink and you're dead...

Take a gun. Just the feel of it, holding it in your hands, the weight, the power it has over you. The damage you could inflict. The same with a fast car, your hands on the steering wheel, racing down the street. 

Yeah! They all make you feel good, giving you an adrenalin rush. Just being near a gun or an expensive car raises people's blood pressure.

Take sex, people risk death and disease just for a feeling. A momentary one at that.

Take something we need everyday, like nourishment! Some over-do it, eating themselves to death, others feel good starving themselves. Why do people say that they find comfort in food or lack of food? It's because they feel alive when they are eating or not and need to eat more or not eat to stay alive and feel happy.

Who likes rollercoasters? Why? Because they give you thrills. They make you elated. You want proof, watch people as they exit the ride.  Chances are most will be laughing and really hyper.

Scary movies? I've almost had a heart attack watching some, my heart pounding so hard but I crave more. Gore has lost it's meaning with me. Now, I never turn away. I've been de-sensitized. I need more.

Have a smoke. After all you've been made to believe that it tastes good and that you can't live another minute without one, as it attacks your lungs.

I could go on and on. Skydiving, jogging, how about texting, driving and texting. It feels good getting that message across but, not only might kill you, it might kill others too.

Sports of any kind, just playing minor, in the street sports with friends might be your demise. Going to concerts!

To kill an animal, to hunt and fish, it all makes you feel more alive.  

Sad isn't it? Why does everything that might kill you, make you feel so alive?


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