Do People Hate You?

Have a good look at what you got. Your house, your car.  Personal things, a diamond, a wife, a child. Freedom. Would someone else want to have it?  Chances are, you do have something that someone else wants...

There are a lot of people in this world that basically have nothing, a good reason for them to hate you. Especially, when they are comparing themselves to you.

Are there people that hate, Mother Theresa? Was she just a little too goodie-goodie, something you're not? How about John Lennon? JFK? The Pope. Obviously there, are. Hated enough to want to kill them.

Jealously is a good hate motivator.  You might be prettier, smarter, more popular.

Something I never do, contrary to what I've been told, is hold a grudge but others do and hold onto it for a lifetime. Lovers do it all the time. Suing one another, murdering each other. It all boils down to never-letting-go and hating that person forever with no chance of reconciliation. Many of us are in a love-hate relationship. Are you?

Some are assholes, thinking their shit don't stink, having nothing better to do than hate and because they can, they do, with an empty life, no ambition, no dreams, nor wishes like you and I.

Let's face it, when you put someone down, doesn't it make you feel better? Be honest!

Unfortunately, it's only momentarily though, the feeling doesn't last. Until you get your next fix, cutting up the your next victim. After all, haters are gonna hate.

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