Cremation - An Easy Way To Dispose Of Your Body, Immediately!

To some, laying in the ground, slowly decomposing is unappealing, which is understandable with images of worms and bugs eating away at you.

A cremation provides a quick easy solution to dispose of your body immediately. Not to mention it makes the whole process of a funeral as simple as possible.

Cremation is an alternative to burial and other forms of body disposal, using 2000 degree high-temperature burning, vaporization and oxidation to reduce dead animal or human bodies to their basic chemical compounds, gas and mineral fragments or ashes. Cremated remains do not constitute a health risk and may be buried, interred or retained by relatives to be dispersed of in various ways.

When someone mentions cremation I immediately think of the ovens in Nazi death camps during World War II, Germany and The final solution.

Recently, as in the 2004 tsunamis that killed 300,000 people, authorities had difficulties dealing with such a large number of bodies, cremation was; The only solution.

Say in a hundred years we will all be dead. Can you imagine how crowded the graveyards will be, burying 7 billion people. 

Cremation the only solution.

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A Simple Cremation 

Watch the cremation process...

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