Abuse On The Elderly Happens Everywhere!

Elder abuse the definition: "Any knowing, intended or careless act that causes harm or serious risk of harm to an older person ~ physically, mentally, emotionally or financially."

Let's say your elderly aunt has stopped dropping by as she regularly does. She'd be at your door exactly at four o'clock every Saturday afternoon. You could depend on it.

Lately, two Saturday's ago, she called to cancel. You could tell she was making up an excuse.

Then finally, last Saturday she drops by. But a little earlier than normal, this time two o'clock. She's let out of a black car, in front of the house by someone you don't recognize.

She comes in, more unkempt than usual. Her hair not as neat, her makeup not applied properly. No goodies like she normally brings.

She doesn't talk, she's more quiet, almost as if she's in another world. You ask her questions and she half answers them.

She has a bruise on her arm, which she laughs off. She bumped into the fridge door, she says.

When you ask her who that man was that dropped her off, she jumps and says her new tenant. She felt sorry for two people she had met at the senior centre, they talked her into renting a room from her. She says she took them in as boarders to make ends meet, a nice married couple, she said. But you know she's done it because she feels sorry for them. It's not the first time she has taken people in.

You personally know she's got lots of money and doesn't need to take in boarders. In fact you've seen her bank account and it had over $500,000 in it. 

Somethings not right...

Abuse on the elderly happens everywhere. In their own homes, relatives homes, and in care facilities.

As a person ages bones become brittle.  Bruising a daily occurrence. An ageing person loses their hearing and eye sight, this is when they are more vulnerable to be preyed upon by cons and unscrupulous people.  

If there are mental problems, caring for these people can be very trying to say the least. 

*It's important if you suspect elder abuse. Report it immediately to the authorities. Even Prince Philip can be abused.

Prince Philip, after Liz socker punched him.

He didn't press charges, as most abused do.

In a statement from the Royal Palace.

"I thought I deserved it since 

she is the Queen and all."

90 yr old Mickey Rooney claims he has been abused

by his 8th wife and stepson for years, by denying him food and medication and took over his financial assets.

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