You Have Been Found Guilty by the Holy Office of the Inquisition, of Heresy - What Are You Going Do?

Let's pretend, we are in Spain. I've come to town to watch someone burn at the stake. That someone is you.

It is the Spanish Inquisition, the later part of the 14th century, you are a Protestant or a Jew, maybe even Islamic, anything but a Catholic and have just been found guilty by the Holy Office of the Inquisition, of Heresy. In other words you aren't Catholic and you practice another religion, a big 'problemo' in Spain.  'Hoy'

All you had to say was yes, and agree with them that there is a god, that he really lived here on earth and his name was Jesus, the son of God, etc. etc. and agree with them that Catholicism was/and is/and always will be the only true religion. You just had to agree.

But no, you held onto your beliefs...

You could have converted to Catholicism so easily, taken a sip of red wine, nibbled on some bread then, got dunked in a river and viola, you would have become Catholic. Couldn't you have at least pretended? They gave you that opportunity. Why didn't you jump at the chance, it could have saved your life? But no. You would have prevented all this from happening but instead you wouldn't shut up about it. If you weren't so adamant about your religion you wouldn't have to go through, what is going to happen next. You signed your own death warrant. You, you, silly you.

Calm down, death will only take a few hours, a day at the max. It's going to hurt, I won't kid you. Are you afraid of fire?  

If you've read this far, I'm guessing you want to know what will happen, so here it is...

... First, they will take all your worldly possessions then, they will tie your hands and legs and sit you in a chair and bind you to that chair so you can't move. They will torture you, wanting a confession to being a heretic, directly from the horses mouth, so to speak. 

It won't save you though, you can lie all you want now, you've had your chance to convert. They just want to hear what they want to hear, to justify their means. You've heard all the different methods of how they will torture you, so I won't dwell on them. They are ordeal by water boarding, fire, the strappado pulley, the rack, whipping and scourging and many more. After, if you survive, whether true or not, the execution process begins.

Your tongue is burnt on the end with a red hot poker.  Two metal plates are inserted using your tongue as a sandwich filler and tightened with screws. This will prevent you from screaming, but lets you make strange grunting and groaning sounds for the delight of the spectators that gathered to be entertained. Yes, there will be many people watching. Don't forget you will be naked throughout all this.

They would have already erected a stake 12 feet above the ground, days before so everyone can see. Posters of the event were on walls all over town, weeks in advance. This is where it will be announced that you will be left for the devils. The crowds will be waiting in anticipation for this declaration. Once called, there will be lots of cheering and olĂ©s, a real crowd pleaser

For them, this declaration will be the start to see a real person die a painful death. Even your friends will be there. You can't blame a person, no TV, Radio, no Internet. There are other forms of entertainment like; cock fighting, bear baiting and dancing, etc. They are always sellouts to the crowds, this is an age of realism, no need for props or expensive actors. 

The trimming of the beard would take place. A piece of furze or a spiny gorse branch is used to singe your face until it is blackened. The audience will yell, 

"Let the dog's beard be trimmed.

even if you don't have a beard, and you will try to cry out in pain, because your face will be char broiled, the crowd will cheer even louder. Screaming won't help, so remember, go ahead and scream for the people. Scream all you want because they love it. It's all entertainment, just for their amusement.

The chair you are in will be lifted and tied to the stake. Just enough furze would be lit around your feet, with the fire slowly working up your legs, ouch! They have arranged the faggots of sticks a special way to keep the fire low for as long as they can. It usually takes awhile for a person to roast on the spit, depending on the flame and the smoke. I know it's not nice to say but I hope you go quickly. 

To the audiences delight everyone will have a ring side seat, with you up in the air like that, able to watch and hear as you scream for mercy, until you succumb. Just like in a 3-D movie. The more the audience participates, the lighter the air, seemingly turning into a mass orgy. One big party! It'll be fun!

Even old buried bones of believed dead heretics are dug up and burned again, just to make sure that the person is dead, hopefully not yours. We both know you will be. Hence, no stone is left unturned, they've been keeping thorough records, with names and addresses. Your name is on the list under; Heretics -cc 1483. 

Let's just say for you, it isn't a good time to be a heretic, you should wait for another 500 years, then you will be protected by law, to believe in any damn thing you wanted.

But no. You had to stick to your guns. Now, I'm in for a spectacular show.

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