On One Big Downward Spiral

Poor, poor Tiger Woods.  At one time top of his game. He had it all, the money, the fame, you name it and what does he do with it?

He drinks and drives and gets caught. 

"There was no alcohol in my system," he cried. "It's prescription drugs."

What? Then why didn't he take a taxi at 3 o'clock in the morning. Was there no Uber? No chauffeured limo?

Here, I thought he might be on a come back, but he's not as good a golfer as he was before. Ever since the episode with his wife, his life has been on one big downward spiral.  Now what happens to the infamous Tiger Woods with an ego to match?

What else can happen to the poor man? A true narcissist, thinking he's above the law just because he's the one and only Tiger Woods.

He's all washed up this time. There will be no more teeing off for him. He can't be trusted anymore, his sponsors are pulling out.


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