Penury - Extreme Poverty - The Number One Cause of Death in the World

How poor does someone have to be to be considered living in 'Extreme Poverty'? Hunger being the number one cause of death in the world.

"Shall I keep your hogs and eat husks with them? What prodigal portion have I spent that I should come to such penury." - William Shakespeare

Could you imagine living on $2.50 a day? Well apparently there are over 3 billion people today that are doing exactly that, almost 1/2 the world's population. Now, can you imagine there are 1.5 billion people living on half that. It's estimated that 22,000 children die every day from extreme poverty.

Large numbers of people today don't have enough food to eat. Again, large numbers of people don't have access to clean drinking water, killing at least 2300 people per day. World wide, two million children die everyday from diseases like diarrhea and pneumonia caused by hunger and thirst.

Not only that but, a 1/4  of the people living today don't have electricity. That's no Internet or television, not even a night-light to read a bed-time story under.

There's plenty of children today, going to bed hungry, thirsty and crying out for knowledge. They estimate that it would take 60 billion dollars a year and the world will rid itself of poverty, why doesn't that happen?

There must be more important things to spend our money on, like wars and Playstations, or the next generation of I-phones. 

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