Nothing You Say Interests Me and Has No Value - You, You JeJune, You!

Why doesn't anyone listen to me?

Maybe because you've got nothing of value to add to any thing. No one takes you serious. No one cares. What you say and do is never heard or noticed by anyone, it's insubstantial with no impact, leaving you feeling unheard and unrecognized and alone. 

You're dull, never to have shined, a wall flower.  The last to be picked for the team.

You're personality is lack lustre, a plain Jane. No one ever see's you, there's nothing about you that stands out or is important...

You're not even an average person, you've missed something along the way, you need nourishment, feeding. You need energy. Knowledge.

Nothing happens to you that anyone cares about. You wake up then go to bed. Day in, day out.  Over and over. You just can't think of anything else to do and if something does change you can't cope with it.

You can't even articulate a response for Pete's sake, to any type of question, you being such a, so-so.

Let's face it, you're just plain boring.  You, you Jejune, you!

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