Kepler 452b - The Most Earth-Like Planet Yet Discovered

We are looking for other Earths, as a safety net, just in case the Earth starts to fail.

Discovered and named after the Kepler Telescope which was launched in 2009. Kepler 438 is a sun-like star 1,400 light years away from Earth having the same surface temperature and the same energy output as our own Sun.

The habitable water zone area surrounding Kepler 438 is also similar to our own Sun's habitable area and situated in it's own solar system at about the same spot as Earth is situated in our Solar System, is a similar planet to Earth called Kepler 452b, with an orbit of 35.2 days instead of 365 days.

Very Earth-like, about the same size as Earth, made of rock. About the same temperature but 470 light years away. That's pretty far. We can't get there as of yet.

Unfortunately, we might want to unpack because we won't be going there anytime too soon, Kepler 452b is not inhabitable due to the amount of radiation coming from 438 it's parent star. We'd likely be zapped to oblivion. Even though it looks habitable it's more like Venus than Earth.

We'll have to keep looking. Surely, there must be others out there waiting for us to discover and hopefully they will be a lot closer. Time is running out here on Earth.

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