It's All About How Breasts Affect Men - The Bigger The Better

Why do men go ape over women's breasts? The bigger the better. Some men are even known as breast men. Are they a sex organ or not? The subject caught my attention, so, I did a little research.

In some cultures and some tribes in Africa and South America breasts are used only for a food source and comfort for small children. A natural function, to nourish newborns. They laugh at the thought of using their breasts, for anything other. Going into hysterics when they find out men and women use them as sexual objects, as toys or playthings for their amusement and fun. They did admit, when breast feeding, they had a feeling or sense of some kind of sexual stimulation.

Ah ha! I found out that nipple stimulation releases motherly hormones, relaxes the mother, makes her have feelings of love and affection. These hormones make her want to feed that baby and keep it alive. When a man stimulates a woman's nipple, she gets all those cozy feelings of love and affection, which in turn, brings the two adults closer together.

Does that make sense? So this is my conclusion, it's conclusive. The function of the breasts are basically supposed to be used for breast feeding. Man took it one step further and added sex to the equation. If the tool and the means are there, of course man will take advantage of it. It's in his gene's.

Men are also the reason why females cover their breasts in the first place. Even turning it into a crime. Some men, (no one comes to mind) can't handle breast feeding in public. Some women too!

Look at the muslim woman in a Burqa. The ultimate in shaming women's bodies. It's all about how breasts affect men.

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