Is There Any Shame In Living In Your Car? Does Pride Have Anything To Do With It?

I remember many years ago, the 70's when I was in my 20's.

I quit my job and took off driving down south to Miami and after getting there, realized I had no money, just some loose cash in my wallet and a credit card. I had a credit limit at the time of $100. Besides my personal stuff, stashed in the trunk of my car, that's all I had...

At least in Miami it was warm.  Not like here, cold and damp. What was I thinking? I was young. I wasn't ashamed. I thought I was being more of a free spirit.

Anyway, I lived in my car for about three weeks. It was hell. Luckily, I had that card to get me back but during those three weeks life was not pleasant, so I know how it feels living in a car, but in my case I knew it would only be temporary.

But what about the homeless people who are destitute, for what-ever-reason, no money, mental problems, whatever, how do they do it, how do they cope? That is; live for months in their cars, sometimes years. Eating fast food. Using gas station washrooms. Adults, with the same aches and pains that I have. Sometimes single females with children, even babies! How is that possible?

The shame is; it happens. Right under our noses. Kept hidden even by the people living in their cars themselves, ashamed.

Their newest address, your nearest Walmart parking lot at night and during the day, the corner of King Street and Main under an old oak tree but they would never tell you that. 

Yep, it's a shame when you let pride get in the way because there is always help around, if you know where to look. Living in your car does not need to happen. If they only could put their shame aside and ask for help, their ordeal would be over.

I know I'm over simplifying things, I could never walk in someone else's shoes. But if it were me, I'd be asking for help.

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