'Dogmatic' Describes Donald Trump to a Tee.

It just so happens, today's 'Word of the Day' Is 'Dogmatic' at least by WordThink.

The word Dogmatic got me thinking... it's a strong word and describes Donald Trump's personality to a tee. You need no more adjectives.

Not quite the orator that a president should be but he does have strong opinions and expresses them all the time in his tweets as we have already have seen much to the dismay of the general population.

You dare not object because he believes he is right and knows more than any one. He'll cut you down faster than a bolt of lightning. Ruining your career in an instant. Telling anyone they're 'Fired' if they ever disagree as if he were still the boss, on The Apprentice. It's all a show to him.

It's his reality. Unfortunately, he doesn't give dogmatic speeches and am not too sure if he could even deliver one, after-all what was he before being president. Just a money monger and we all know we can easily become money mongers and probably already are.

The only dogmatic thing about Donald Trump is in his attitude towards money. Money and more money.

'Dogmatic' describes Donald Trump to a tee. He doesn't understand the workings of government, that the President has to listen to the people and that means everyone.

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