Being Alone Doesn't Mean You Have To Be Lonely - It Just Gives You Time To Get To Know Yourself

Don't worry if you're alone. Sometimes it's a good
thing and might be just the thing you need and maybe even beneficial to your overall general health but far too often being alone is linked to being depressed, heart disease and early death in seniors. 

Now, scientists have concluded that spending time alone isn't so bad after all and here are the reasons why...

1. Being alone you seem to have stronger memories that are longer-lasting only for the mere fact that we don't have anyone to corroborate our stories with.

2. Usually, time being spent alone sparks the creativity in you, whether it be artistically or in original thinking.  A mad scientist (Frankenstein) comes to mind, alone down in a cellar, creating life.  We think more of the task at hand, staying on path, and not thinking of other things, you don't have to fit and meet other peoples expectations of yourself.

3.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder. You've heard the expression. Well, it's true.  It helps you connect with your inner self, not by others who define them for you. Being alone helps you understand yourself making you happier and more aware of what others want, both help in sustaining relationships.

4. In one Harvard study, scientists have discovered that after people had spent time alone with themselves, they were able to understand other peoples feelings more clearly and what others are going through. It's been suggested that the time we spent alone lets us sort out our own feelings from everyone else's which gives us a better understanding of other people's feelings and emotions.

5. You actually become smarter when alone. You retain knowledge better. You can concentrate better meaning studying alone, or spending some time alone before a test may get you better grades.

6. Contrary to popular belief being alone helps depressed people feel less depressed.

So, if you find yourself alone someday. Don't worry, it gives you a chance to understand the person that's inside you, that you're good enough, that you value others but value yourself more, you learn to observe,  appreciate and talk to yourself. You'll cherish every interaction you have had and have time to sort your feelings, to change things and avoid mindless chatter. 

Being alone is a good time to create, plan and follow any whim you might have. It also gives you time to volunteer and make new friends, plus being alone lets you figure out what truly makes you happy.

In the end being alone is okay, you came into this world alone and will go out of this world alone, so get used to it, eh?

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