A Worldwide Jihad Against Non-Muslims With Nuclear Weapons, Promises The Highest Casualty Rates In the History Of Mankind.

Mohammed is quoted as saying, "I have been ordered to fight with the people until they say, none has the right to be worshipped but Allah." Al Bukhari vol. 4:196

Islam is a guide to life, which means submission to Allah. It was founded by the Prophet Mohammed in the early 7th century in Arabia about 1,400 years ago and now has a following of over 950 million people. Mohammed received divine revelations which are recorded in the Quran. A timeless religion, everyone's religion, and a natural religion to which every person living was born.  Today, Islam is the world's fastest growing religion...

The ultimate goal of Islam is to enjoy eternal life, physically and spiritually in heaven, based on five pillars of faith:

  • Faith that there is no other God but Allah.
  • Perform prayers five times a day facing Mecca the holy city of Saudi Arabia.
  • Alms, support the mosque and the poor.
  • Fasting throughout Ramadan from sunrise to sunset
  • Pilgrimage to the Holy city of Mecca at least once in a life time.
What they don't want to tell you...

1.  Islamic tradition teaches that those who leave Islam should be killed.  This is what Muhammad taught.  "Whoever leaves his religion (Islam) kill him!"

2.  The main goal of Islam is to dominate the world.

3.  Instructions on how to achieve this have been handed down generation to generation in the Quran and Islam's hadiths, or sayings. 40 million Muslim youths have memorized the entire Quran, and have received the instructions and are willing to obey, to the death. 

4.  The hijackers who killed thousands on 9/11 are not considered extremists from a Quranic viewpoint. Only by Western standards.

5.  Islamists believe in the second coming, a messiah figure, Imam Al-Mahdi. Islamic doctrines unapologetically advocate, force, warfare, deceit, fear, torture, and slaughter to bring Allah to the world.

Islam's prime directive is to bring the law of Allah to everyone on earth using any means necessary. 

The Islam Empire will become a world power and must dominate. A worldwide jihad against non-Muslim populations, with nuclear weapons, promises the highest casualty rates in the history of mankind. If World War III does eventually come, it will be the deadliest war ever fought and probably be between the Islamic Bloc and the Western nations. 

Jihad is here. We must wage Jihad against the enemies of Allah here. The enemies of Allah are in our midst. They claim to be Muslims, although they are as far as can be from Islam. They call themselves "reformists" or "preachers," and say that we support the West. They are hostile to us on these grounds. .. My brothers, the danger is even greater. Even those people have become tools in the hands of the enemies. Unless we face reality with truth, courage, and evidence, and if we do not stop all the transgressors, who try to distort Islam with their claims of reform and their corrupt progress - this will be dangerous. These people have been tempted by the West, and have been employed in its service. We are familiar with their relations with foreign elements. We are fighting them and will continue to fight them, and we will cut off their tongues” (9/25/2006 Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin And Al-'Aziz)

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