Time - The Fourth Dimension - You Either Have Too Much Of It Or Not Enough

Time what is it? We use a calendar invented over 6000 years ago to measure it, first by tracking the orbits of the moon, the sun and stars, turning that info into days, weeks, months and years and if that weren't enough had to dissect time so we invented the clock, using seconds, minutes and hours to measure it. But do we actually know what we are measuring?

It's an age old question that scientists are baffled by and cannot as of yet fully explain. We refer time to be the Fourth Dimension. The others are length, width and height, which is all we need to know, but there are other non-proven speculative extra dimensions. Time will tell.

Religion, governments, philosophers and scientists have two theories of what time is...

1.  Time is a dimension, a fundamental part of the universe, independent of events in which events happen in sequence.

2.  Time is neither an event nor a thing (dimension)  and cannot be measured, nor travelled.

Time is very useful when calculating and counting and measuring. Without having time involved, we couldn't do any of that, there would be no technology, no navigation, no astronomy, no advancements.

Time has an economic value, we've all heard the term, 'Time is money.' but in actuality, time is more expensive than money because you can use your time to make money but you can't use money to buy you more time.

Time also has social value. How many times have you been late, or early? Someone had to be watching the time, whatever time it was, at the time. 

Time has a personal value too, especially when talking about death, another term we've all heard, 'He doesn't have much time left.'

Time, you either have too much on your hands with nothing to do or, too little time, with no time to do anything. Which will it be? Either way, you have the same amount of time. You can't have too much nor too little, you'll always have the same amount of time. 

Remember, we measure it, that's why the calendar and the clock was invented.

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