The Evil Side of the Internet - Live Streaming

There's something new brewing on the Internet and it's not something positive, it's called 'Live Streaming' and it's sick! Becoming more popular day by day.

Sports events, fund raisers to selfie's, etc. all kinds of different videos are posted live, by the thousands everyday, but there are things being posted up on Facebook and other social media platforms, including Google+ that shouldn't be posted.

You might ask what kinds of things shouldn't be posted, since it could be anything from Giraffe's having babies, to a boy crying over how people treated Britney Spears, there's no limit to what people will post.

'I'll post what the hell I want!' or 'It's a free country! That's what most people would say.

But there's a more sinister side to live streaming emerging it's ugly face... 

People are now taping themselves on video and uploading it to Facebook, which seems to be getting the most uploads of this sort; (Steve Stephens) video tapes of themselves murdering people, raping women, doing other heinous crimes then bragging about it, even confessing on line, their guilt.

Stemming I believe, from the first terrorist video's of beheadings. People swarmed to watch them before they were taken down.

It's a new sort of Claim-To-Fame thing. Becoming infamous, for the sake of becoming infamous.

Yep, the Internet is changing the world, for better or worse, there's no denying it.

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