The 'Death Grip' - When A Person Hangs On For Dear Life

Forget everything you've been taught in the past, about jumping into the water and saving someone from drowning. All our lives we've been taught to throw them a line, a rope a rubber inner-tube, a life jacket, something and only as a last resort, you were to jump in and grab the person and swim back to safety.

We were all taught that, the person drowning once he got a hold of you would hang onto you for dear life using the 'Death Grip.' A grip that's so powerful and almost impossible hard to shake, or pull off. He clamours onto you until you both are dragged under. After he's got his Death Grip on you it's everyman for himself as far as the drowning man is concerned. So, you had to think twice before jumping into the water to save a guy, sounds logical to me...

Well apparently that's not true anymore. The specialists have deduced that it's a very peaceful experience to drown, quick and silent. People drowning start padding at the water to keep their mouths above water, they then start to loose oxygen, which in turn makes them loose their strength. It's an instinctive automatic response, an involuntary action. You have no control over it. You stop kicking and padding and eventually you go under. You can't scream or yell for help, you loose consciousness and you become limp.

Easy for a person to jump in and save you. That's if, he can swim and swim fast enough, you've only got so much time left without oxygen.

The 'Death Grip' in sexual terms is a totally different matter. The 'Masturbation Death Grip, as an urban myth, too much of going out behind the barn when you were a kid, with the fear of getting caught, fast and furious. Wink! Wink! Or should that be Wank! Wank!

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