The City of Tecoaque - A Cannibal's Banquet - A Place Where They Ate People

Everyday something new is being dug up in Mexico. The latest find, a dig revealed the gruesome fate of at least 550 captured prisoners,  a Spanish-led caravan made up of a bunch of conquistadores and their friends...

This is what happened... Back in 1520 there was a Spanish-led caravan who was originally sent by Cortés to the Aztec capital city of Tenochtitlan to squash a rebellion against their Spanish invaders and on their way got ambushed by a people called the Acolhua, alias with the Aztecs. The prisoners were taken to a place called Tecoaque, a make-shift town turned into one huge jail.  There were supposedly among the group, 50 women and 10 children.

In less than one year, all 550 prisoners had disappeared.  All the men, women and children and until this dig, no one knew what happened to them for over 500 years.

Everyday, one or two of the captives were taken out of his or her cell and brought before the high priests then sacrificed to their gods solely for the purpose of securing divine protection from the Spaniards. It only took months, until all had been sacrificed.

Not only were they sacrificed, they ate them, there bones tell the story, which gave the name Tecoaque to the city, in Aztec lingo, Tecoaque means; 'A place where they ate people."

When Cortés found out what happened to his party, he razed the town killing most of it's inhabitants and within the next year became governor of Mexico.

Cortés had the sweet taste of revenge, where the Acolhua had the sweet taste of fresh meat and a go at cannibalism.

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