"The Boozing Barber" Gilbert Paul Jordan - Vancouver's Very Own Serial Killer

Gilbert Paul Jordan was a barber, he was also a convicted thief and a rapist, a kidnapper and a serial killer.  He killed between 8-10 native women but only was convicted of one of the deaths. His choice of weapon, liquor. The first person known to have used liquor as a weapon.

Jordan began his killing spree in 1965, selecting Aboriginal girls working the Downtown Eastside. He'd go to bars and buy girls drinks or pick up girls off the street invite them back to his barber shop, got them drunk and when they passed out would pour alcohol down their throats until they died from alcohol poisoning, or drowned. Jordan himself would consume 50 ounces of vodka a day.

When the bodies were discovered, mostly aboriginal, alcoholics and  prostitutes, the police paid no attention...

He got a 15 year sentence for the death of his first victim, but was released after 9. After his release the police issued this warning to the public:

JORDAN, Gilbert Paul, age 73, is the subject of this alert. JORDAN is 175cm (5'9") tall and weighs 79kgs (174lbs) [sic]. He is partially bald with grey hair and a grey goatee. He has blue eyes and wears glasses. JORDAN is currently in the Victoria area but has no fixed address. JORDAN has a significant criminal record including manslaughter and indecent assault of a female. He uses alcohol to lure his victims. JORDAN's target victim group is adult females. JORDAN is subject to court ordered conditions including:
- Abstain absolutely from the consumption of alcohol.
- Not to be in the company of any female person or persons in any place where alcohol is being either consumed or possessed by that person or persons.
If you observe the subject in violation of any of the above conditions please call the Saanich Police Department.

Gilbert Paul Jordan

He's been immortalized on television (Exhibit A), an inspiration to the first couple of episodes of Di Vinci's Code, even written about in books and plays.

Gilbert Paul Jordan, was a true narcissist. He died and showed no empathy and showed no remorse. In an interview with the then Sun Newspaper's Jim Beatty, he was quoted as saying:

“I didn’t give a damn who I was with. I mean, we’re all dying sooner or later, whether it’s in this bar, across the street, or wherever.”

Jordan died in 2006, to elated women's groups around the city. But that relief was short lived. Another psychopath, a more sinister sadistic killer than Jordan, was making his presence known on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside Streets, his name was Robert Pickton who would kill 53 women, on his pig farm in Port Coquitlam. 

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