Suicide - Lost and Very Unhappy Souls In A State Of Permanent Damnation

If there ever were a cause for a haunting, suicide is on top of the list, since suicide is/was considered shameful in many ways, the shame and stigma carried on through family and friends.

To most religions, suicide is taboo under normal circumstances and is sometimes the suspected cause for many a haunting. Suicide and hauntings go hand in hand.

The souls of suicide victims are believed to be usually lost and very unhappy souls in a state of permanent damnation. Tradition states that suicide victims should not be buried in graveyards. Folklore tells us they were to be buried at crossroads, to confuse the troubled and restless soul so it wouldn't wander...

Suicide victims are said to become stuck on an Earth plane, until they can find someone who will help them or until it is their destined time to die before they can move on to the Afterlife. Catholics believe victims are stuck in purgatory, to return to earth as ghosts. In eastern Europe, suicide victims supposedly become vampires. Only the terminally ill are exempt.

Suicide bombers in Islamic belief, on the other hand are given chances to make amends, even rewarded after death but in other religions suicide bombers will eventually get their souls ripped apart and dismantled by God, himself.

Mediums seem to be able to contact more suicide victims than any other dead person, telling tales of what happened and the reasons why they killed themselves. Some tell the medium, what it is like on the other side, the resting spot on the Earth plane until they move on or pay their dues, the consequences of their acts.

Many ghosts of suicide victims have reported when called upon by mediums that they received no punishment for killing themselves and they did not go to hell, but did not escape their original problems that led them to commit suicide in the first place and are going to have to face them again when they get reincarnated. 

Of course you'd suspect that most suicides are regrettable. The majority of mediums believe these suicide victims regretted their actions and were not thinking rationally at the time, even the ones that have been contacted shortly after their death, then there are the other souls that sigh in relief, that they are rid of their earthly problems. 

You guessed it! The places where people do commit suicide like; bedrooms, basements, dark forests, bridges, cliffs and such, they all become prime candidates for hauntings and poltergeist activity. The spookier the place like a foggy cemetery or an old dilapidated farm house, the better.

Let's hope that suicide victims are not in a state of permanent damnation. A few of my good friends decided to end their lives by suicide. Maybe a little confused with their inner demons, but they were the nicest people one could ever want to meet. 

It's always the nice guy.

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