Ripple Rock - The Dangerous Seymour Narrows - Two Underwater Mountains Get Their Tops Blown Off

There was at one time two mountain peaks beneath the surface of the water in Seymour Narrows. Near Campbell River, here on Vancouver Island. One was just 9ft, the other 21ft from the surface, in an area that was dangerous for mariners, when the tide went out, very dangerous as the water crossed its surface. Many a boat was sunk and many a sailor had lost his life, in the swirls...

It was proposed to become the footings of a new bridge that crossed from the mainland but instead, authorities decided to blow the tops off the mountains, for the sake of the sailors. 

George Vancouver called Ripple Rock as...

"One of the most vilest stretches of water in the whole world." 

After 2 failed attempts trying to plant the mountain peaks with explosives, the decision was decided upon and that was to plant the explosives vertically then horizontally from nearby Maud Island in the Sound. 

Although not a nuclear blast, nuclear scientists swarmed the area and no one knew why, to study the effects obviously. The count-down took place April 5, 1958, 635,000 metric tons of earth was displaced using 1,270 metric tons of Nitramex 2H an explosive.

The earth shook. Scientist believed the blast could have started an earthquake.

After the explosion, the mountain tops had been leveled down to a depth of 45ft. and 50ft. underwater at low tide. The disaster area was no longer a disaster area.

This was the largest non-nuclear explosion in history until Russia did us one better when it carved a new channel for the Kolonga River and China to open a copper mine.

ref: Museum at Campbell River

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